Below are some of the testimonials that we've received from parents that are sending their kids to us.

Testimonial 1

Adriana started Tang Dynasty Reading Funland at the age of 3yrs+. She has been with the center for 1.5 years now. I enroll her in Tang Dynasty full day program. She finds learning funs, effortless and with no pressure.

Adriana enjoys her class very much and did very well academically. She has changed from a very shy little child to a more independent and confident girl. Thanks Tang Dynasty Reading Funland.

From Adriana's Mother (April 2013)

Testimonial 2

I’m Wenny, mother to Kong Shu En who studying in Tang Dynasty Reading Funland. I wish to compliment to those teachers, who have contributed their love, caring and excellent teaching skills to my daughter.

I was never regret for sending my daughter to Tang Dynasty Reading Funland. Shu En from beginning can’t even speak well in mandarin and can’t read a single word at all. But now I feel proud with her can speak very fluent in mandarin and even read out loud with confident every single Chinese words.

She even has built-up self-discipline to read Chinese story books and in her leisure time.

Once again, Tang Dynasty Reading Funland helping my daughter with positive benefits for kids great self-esteem, empathy for other – even better grades.

Tang Dynasty Reading Funland, I believe teachers here have contributed some great ideas and guidance till make my daughter so special, brighter look and easier –to-navigate.

Once again, thank you very much.

Appreciation from Mother Kong Shu En

Testimonial 3

From very young, Pei Eyin could only comprehend in English and has no Mandarin vocabulary. As her mother of no mandarin background, decided to send her to “Tang Dynasty Reading Funland” where she can master the language in the fun way.

Pei Eyin found it difficult and dislikes the language at the beginning. After some time, she began to grasp the language easily. Besides using flash card, the teachers at Tang Dynasty Reading Funland use poem, songs, hand-on activities and etc to make the lessons interesting, fun and informative. Good morals are also inserted into the teaching.

At the age of 6 years old now, my girl has more than 1,000 vocabulary of Mandarin about standard 3 levels. She can read, write and speak in Mandarin now. She enjoys reading Mandarin story books with understanding her Mandarin pronunciation is clear and good intonation.

Tang Dynasty Reading Funland has definitely taught Pei Eyin good Mandarin and good values. She has learned to be independent, helpful and caring. When help is needed, she is more than willing to help up in the house care. She has helped to sweep, mop, wash the dishes and even wash her dad’s car.

I am dated with the results she has produced both in Mandarin and Moral. Full dedications, love and caring ways of all Tang Dynasty Reading Funland Teachers have proven the result. I am indeed grateful to all these teachers and have “no” regrets sending my girl to this centre.

From Mrs.Goh, parent of Goh Pei Eyin

Testimonial 4

犹记得在继政3岁时,我在家教他识写汉字, 但教了3年半,就连十个字都认不出来,就这样我决定把他送来唐人街阅读轩。在短短的几天之内,他竟然可以认识了好多个字,让我非常惊讶。






林继政, 6岁

Testimonial 5



这只是短暂的投资,如 你小时不给他去学习,孩子长大了你还是要找其它管道如补习来恶补,这笔钱是不能省的。


~ 大儿子7岁(去年11月开始)- 6个月=从大约60个字开始至目前已达到1300个字。


  • 足以应付一年级的学业。
  • 从不会阅读到喜欢阅读,自己做习题,功课。 我不想我小儿子步上我大儿子的辛苦学习路程,(因为他要应付繁重的功课,还要每天学认字)。

~ 小儿子 4岁 – 今年一月开始到唐人街阅读轩 – 5个月 = 700个字。 这也印证了学习不在于年龄的大小。


我也借这个机会感谢唐人街阅读轩全体的老师和载送的 uncle 如没有他们在这么短的时间能很全面化(认字,道德,笔顺……),得到了一个惊人的学术进展。谢谢!

要补充的 – 他们都很喜欢到唐人街阅读轩去和教学方式。



Testimonial 6





~ 因此,我会让我的孩子们继续在这里学习,我非常感谢唐人街阅读轩的老师们的努力与用心。


Testimonial 7

Dear Tang Dynasty Reading Funland,

Actually I am very worried when my eldest daughter said that she want go to chinese school because I am not even know or understand mandarin, It take some time for me to agreed and confirm with her choice. I ask all my chinese friend to know any ideas or suggestion from them, some of them agreed and some not, because they said I have to take big risk. I feel my confident level down again. Anyhow when I saw the advertisment in front of this centre, I got interested. I meet Teacher Chin and she explained the programe, and i feel better but my confident level still low. I’m felt she have a basic from previous chinese kindergarden. Well, I make a decission just follow what she want and for her future.

I send her to Tang Dynasty Reading Funland together with her sister when she was 6 years old, it was late I guest , because year 2013 she will in standard 1. After few month I saw the improvement and it is really had an impact on my daugthers ability. Her progress has been encouraging a lots of improvement in her spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary, and now my daugther can speak well in mandarin. I am proud during mid years examination she got a good result especially in chinese subject.

Thank you for making learning mandarin interesting for my daugther, thank you very much to all the teachers.

(mother of Puteri Nur’Ain Hikmah and Puteri Nur Zulaikha)